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Demise of Enterprise IT

13 Apr 2016 . tech . Comments #agile #saturn #enterprise it

At the SATURN 2016 conference, I have been selected to hold a 15 minute TED-style talk entitled “The demise of Enterprise IT”. The premise of the talk is that the time of large centralized IT departments is over, and it is time for the business units to be be set free to solve their own problems. Large centralized departments and standardized solutions are not conducive to innovation, and a more agile approach is needed where the people who own the challenge and has the business knowledge are paired directly with the developers to create custom solutions.

In addition, a greater focus on using commercial technology is needed. We are at the point where consumer technology far surpasses the enterprise grade technology, which in many cases adds complexity without providing extra value to the user. A prime example of this are mobile computing devices like laptops, tables and mobile phones. Here the consumer offering is clearly superior, leading enterprises to institute “Bring you own devices” programs.

I hope to present an entertaining case for this view at Saturn this year. Hope to see you there.