I’m pasionate about many things: my family, my spare time and hobbies, travelling, good coffee , beer and wine, and last but not least programming and software development. I’m currently working for Statoil ASA as a senior developer / software architect. This has brought me to some interesting challenges and some wonderful new learning opportunities over the years. My spare time I spend with my family or pursuing my hobbies and interests.

Skienern Birkebeinerrittet I also have some time for sports, mainly bicycling in the summer and skiing in the winter. This year’s goal is Skienern at Oppdal in late february and Birkebeinerrittet from Rena to Lillehammer in late August.

Software development

Domain Driven Design As I’ve already mentioned, I’m very passionate about software development. In addition to being my profession, it is one of my hobbies. I spend a lot of time trying to keep my skills fresh. I’m a big believer in Agile Software Development, and have been since we had the fortune of having Eric Evans and his team with us to teach us about Domain Driven Design.

Since then I’ve studied many of the agile methods, in particular XP and Scrum, but also Lean Software development and Crystal. It is especially the core practices of XP that fascinates me, being a developer at heart. I’ve particularly come to love Test-Driven Development, even though it was hard to do at first.

I’m also trying to program as much as I can on my spare time. Ruby on Rails I always have a project or two going on at home. At work it is strictly Java, so I try to do other stuff at home, like Ruby and it’s excellent web framework RubyOnRails. If you haven’t tried Ruby, you should! It is absolutely fabulous! The main reason is that the language stays out of your way and lets you express your ideas cleanly without a lot of code just to satisfy the compiler, or in Rails case the framework. Beautiful! The Reading Backlog app is a simple thing I cooked up in Rails, which was really just a couple of hours work.

Caffeinated ramblings

05 Apr 2017 . tech . Is architecture functional? Comments

Functional architecture? What do you mean? Of course the architecture works, that’s the whole point… No, what I mean is is architecture influenced by the ideas and principles behind functional programming. Specifically: Pure function (side-effect free) Composability Idempotency Immutability I am convinced that software architects are mainly function oriented when they build their software architecture, and again I’m talking about the functional principles rather than the functionality of the system. Why? Because we are mainly thinking about system components, sub-systems and sub-sub-systems and how these are composed. We focus on interfaces and the messages flowing between the systems. This is mainly a functional endeavor where we think about components mainly as pure functions, and how they can be composed into a working whole. Now what about the Quality Attributes? After all the quality attributes are orthogonal to the functionality of the system, right? There is no denying that…

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