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JAOO 2009 Day 1

07 Oct 2009 . tech . Comments #jaoo #agile

The first conference day of JAOO looked like it was going to be a challenge. As usual there were too many good tracks to choose from and I hadn’t yet perfected my cloning technique. In retrospect, I missed a couple of good ones, but I got to sit in on some good ones as well. That’s life.

The day started with a keynote from “oldtimer” Barry Boehm. JAOO has a tradition of having the guys that formed the industry early on speaking. People like Barry, Guy Steele, and lets not forget conference co-organizer Big Dave Thomas (not of the Pragmatic Programmers). Barry spent the keynote talking about balancing agile with architecture, in order to enable larger projects. Lots of sensible and pragmatic advice.

After this Michael Feathers talked about Working with Legacy code (i.e. code without tests).