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SEAS / DTC conference

24 Jun 2008 . tech . Comments #seas #dtc #autonomous systems

Today and tomorrow I’m in Edinburgh for the Systems Engineering for Autonomous Systems conference. This is a conference on autonomous systems put on by the British Ministry of Defense, presenting the results of research done for mostly military purpose.

Then why am I here? The short answer is that we try to learn what we can about building autonomous systems in our own domain (oil and gas operations), and the research has come furthest in the military domain. We were first turned on to this conference last year by our good friends at AOS last year, and have been participating ever since. This year it is my turn.

I hope to learn as much as I can about the wast range of topics presented, ranging from architecture of autonomous systems to sensor utilization and communication.

I really think this could be relevant for our work in the coming years.

Also very interested to hear in the opening session this morning the focus on agility and agile concepts in wast research projects such as these. It is good to see that even though they talk about systems engineering, the focus of analysis and specification has been turned down in favor of capabilities and demonstration.