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Arriving for JavaOne 2008

04 May 2008 . tech . Comments #javaone

So, I’m finally here at JavaOne 2008. I’ve been lucky enough to get to participate in this years conference, and I will do my best to relay my experiences to you. It was a long trip getting here. I only arrived yesterday, having spent last week in Paris on vacation with my family. I only got back home on Saturday evening, and had to unpack and repack for my trip to San Francisco.

I got to San Francisco yesterday after a gruelling 11 hour flight from Frankfurt. My flight coming in to Frankfurt was late, so several of us had to be ushered through the airport in order to make our flight, but we made it in the end. The flight was uneventful, but too long, and when we finally got to SF, and got through immigration and I got my bags, I boarded the BART train to the city center. Finding the hotel was not a problem as it is right on Union Square, smack in the middle of San Francisco, and when I got to my room, it was already ten in the evening (local time).

I went out for a little walk to clear my head and get some water, and as I returned to the hotel I ran into Rune and Paul in front of the hotel, and we agreed to meet the next day for breakfast. And with that, I was ready for bed.