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Architectural decisions

28 Sep 2007 . tech . Comments #software architecture

Yesterdays tutorial really got me thinking about this subject. I firmly believe that the most important thing to document about a software system is the decisions made. A couple of years ago there was a seminal article published in IEEE Computer, called “Architectural Decisions: Architecture Demystified” that argued this exact point.

We have been trying to follow this advice, but we haven’t really made much headway, and so when I listen to the tutorial yesterday, some of these old thoughts came back to me, and I started to think that maybe patterns and pattern languages could be a good solution to this problem. The more I think about it the more I see a good fit to the problem.

As it happens, I left JAOO yesterday to go to Oslo for a meeting, and I didn’t know, but the topic of this meeting was Architectural Decisions and how we can capture and use them. Talk about coincidence. I cannot really talk more about this at this stage, but suffice it to say that I think we have something here that we can really use that will help us in this endeavour. I promise to come back to this when I can.