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Great tutorial / story on development

06 Oct 2005 . tech . Comments #agile #software craftsmanship

I came across “The Craftsman” article series by Robert C. Martin (Uncle Bob), when I was looking for articles on agile development on the ObjectMentor web site.

This is a series written in monthly installments, with the latest installment (#40) published in the October issue of this year. The series is published in the magazine Software Developer and describes the story of a young developer called Alphonse and his transition from apprentice to craftsman programmer. He goes through a set of learning experiences in each of the articles that improves his skills. It is written in a scifi setting, but this shouldn’t put anyone off as it only adds to the narrative of the series. It is extremely well written and (I find) entertaining.

Articles 1 through 31 can be found on the ObjectMentor web site, and the remaining can be found in the Software Developer magazine for those that have a subscription. (Installment 31 was published in January 2005.)

You should definitely check out this article series at is will teach you quite a bit, no matter what level of programmer you are.