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Language as the enabler for thinking

09 Sep 2005 . tech . Comments #ddd #dsl

Yesterday I was involved in a very interesting discussion about language. We’re currently doing a workshop with one of the guys from Eric Evans company Domain Language on implementing the Domain Driven Design methodology in our organization.

A couple of us went out to dinner during which the discussion naturally touched upon language and thinking. Part of the reason for implementing your code using the language of the domain, which is the core of DDD, is that it enables you to think more clearly about the problems in this domain. As it turns out, research with children points to the same thing, that their ability to think and remember things are related to their language skills.

I think this is an interessting input into discussions about using Domain Driven Design, and not to mention the new wave of discussions about Domain Specific Languages. There is going to be a separate track on DSLs at JAOO in Århus later this month, so I’m looking forward to following that .