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People I didn't get the chance to meet

05 Oct 2006 . tech . Comments #jaoo

The problem with a big conference like JAOO has become, is that it is just impossible to get around to talking to all the people you would like to. There were a couple of the speakers I would have liked to talked to. Karsten Lentzsch was here, you know, the JGoodies guy. I also would have liked to catch up with Patrick Linskey from BEA. We have some outstanding questions with them. Still I’m only one person.

The biggest regret though, is not being able to talk to more of the other developers that are here. It is a great chance to meet other people with the same interests. I think one of the problems is that the conference has gotten so big, and being split across the SAS hotel and the Musikkhuset Concert Hall, it gets harder to meet people.