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My impressions so far

14 Sep 2005 . tech . Comments #java

The focus in the sessions I’ve been to so far (Rod and Bruce) has been about the future of Java development. They both talk about new frameworks stretching the Java language and lightweight development. Personally I think this is crucially important.

We need to always consider the right tool for the right job, irrespective of whether it is open source or not, and get rid of our ridgid development practices. We are doing this now, by introducing things like Spring into our development and using Domain-Driven design. But we still have a long way to go…

Our primary challenge is to tailor our adoption of agile methods such as TDD and continuous integration with the PROMIT project model. We need to provide the same level of control that we had before, only do it better and more lightweight. This is a heavy challenge.

Our second most important challenge is to get rid of as much of our in-house developed framework as possible. Our JEF framework is mostly for GUI, and since things are happening here, we need to watch this development and be a part of it. In this process we need to look at how we can do things just a little smarter than we do today. I think aspect oriented programming will have to be a part of this.

If we are able to solve these to primary challenges we will have come a long way.