Life long learning

The philosophy of a Software Craftsman

Who am I?

Jørn Ølmheim, GBS IT Drilling Well and Real time Services

  • Close to 20 years experience
  • Software craftsman
  • Polyglot programmer
  • Leading Advisor, Corporate IT

Introducing the Cultured Developer


Techniques and methodologies

97 Things every programmer should know Pragmatic Programmer Domain Driven Design Agile TDD Scrum Lean Lean Reactive Programming


Patterns and Architecture

Design Patterns Analysis Patterns Refactoring Enterprise Integration Enterprise Architecture Systems Thinking Software Architecture in Practice Just Enough Software Architecture


Programming Languages

Scala Java C C++ Javascript HTML5 CSS Ruby Python Dart



Node.js Angular.js Play framework Rails Django Flask


  • Pragmatic
  • Open
  • Dedicated
  • Deliberate
  • Curious

Always learning new things!

How do I become a Cultured Developer?

The Dreyfus model

of skill acquisition

Continuous, deliberate process

Sheep dip training doesn't work

Alien, toxic
and temporary

Collaborative Learning


... and keep up to date!